Gold Mining Dawson City

Gold Mining Dawson City

Avoiding Pyrite While Gold Mining In Dawson City

“Fool’s gold” or Pyrite has tricked a lot of gold miners into thinking that they have discovered a significant amount of valuable gold. However, just as the name implies, it’s simply a fool’s gold which holds no high value as the real thing. For decades, this shiny metal has disappointed a lot of prospectors looking for their big find. When gold mining in Dawson City, you must know the difference between solid gold and pyrite.

To an untrained eye, fool’s gold looks like real gold because of its color. However, there are several noticeable differences between pyrite and real gold. Whether you are a professional prospector or a recreational gold miner, it is crucial to be able to tell the difference between the two. Only by knowing the difference will you be assured of the value of what you take home after prospecting and panning.

 If you’re truly serious about prospecting and panning for gold, you need to learn the difference between pyrite and real gold. Trying to sell off pyrite as real gold could land you in trouble. You should be aware of the minerals which you can sell as gold and those that are not. It is quite easy to spot the difference between fool’s gold and real gold when gold mining in Dawson city. Some of the methods you can use are listed below.

The Streak Test

A streak test is an effective method of checking that a mineral is gold. Streak tests are done by rubbing any mineral on a streak plate. The rubbed metal usually leaves a trail of powder behind that gives a clue of the type of mineral. Real gold leaves a yellow powder fool’s gold typically leaves a dark-green powder. Streak plates can be found at shops around Dawson city.

The Color

After you must have gained a little experience with prospecting and gold mining in Dawson city, you should be able to just differentiate between real gold and pyrite by merely looking at the color of the mineral. People without any experience can likely see the difference between them if they are placed next to each other. Fool’s gold has a darker yellow color, but real gold has a brighter yellow color. Until you are easily able to identify real gold, always carry a nugget of pyrite with you to compare what you find.

The Shape

The shape of fool’s gold is nothing like real gold. Almost all pyrites are shaped like crystals. This crystal shape may be difficult to notice in smaller nuggets of pyrite. Gold is never shaped in the form of crystal.

The Weight

Gold is a heavy naturally occurring metal. Pyrite, on the other hand, weighs less than real gold. The entire panning method involves washing away lighter minerals to allow the heavy ones like gold to settle when placed in water.

Differentiating real gold from pyrite takes practice. Don’t give up too quickly. You will have to spend a little time learning to spot the difference, but in the end, you will be happy you did.


Gold Mining Dawson City